Monday, March 5, 2012

19 Month Update

Charlotte turned 19 months on February 24th. I kept meaning to post her update, but Ross was on a business trip and my parents were visiting so we have been busy little bees around here. I am loving this new stage that Charlotte is in. She is super observant and picks up on so many words and actions daily. Ross and I are constantly asking each other, " did you know she knew that". She is our little entertainer and so full of personality.

Found this idea on Pinterest! We made our own finger paint (using this tutorial) and then I placed it in a ziplock bag and tapped it to the back door. She spent days drawing in it and asking us to draw certain shapes or letters.

I just can't keep up with her vocabulary anymore. The doctor asked us how many words she knows and we couldn't respond. The doctor then proceeded to pull out a book and start quizzing C on what she knew and was astonished. Here are her newest additions that she uses often: sleeping, shopping, upstairs, climb, Frog (rog), Piglet, Strawberry (berry), glasses, milk, okay, bite (when she wants to bite a certain food, she points and says I bite), fork (rork), read, watch, jacket, jump, kite, good, hand, zip, fish, acorn, truck (ruck), boat, horse, duck, whale, seal, pinch, dolphin, crab, towel, lotion, Kermit, colors, push, swing, slide, dig, kitchen, lunch and fence. My personal favorite additions are:
donkey (Don- King) and magnets (maggots :)

She also started saying I love you (wuv ou) which makes my heart explode each and every time!

Charlotte has become obsessed with strawberries. She gets so excited when she sees them on the table and immediately starts asking for a "berry please". We usually have to cut her off or she will eat the entire container!

She is pretty good at telling us when she needs a diaper change. We got her a potty chair recently and have started practicing sitting on it. Wish us luck!!!

She has become attached to her stuffed Piglet. She asks for it when we lay her down for a nap or at night for bed. If we ask her if she is sleepy, she responds "no, Piglet nap". So we give her Piglet and she cuddles him close and immediately drifts off. It's quite cute.

Charlotte has become an expert digger. She will sit outside digging for hours if you let her! We also spend a lot of time picking up leaves, sticks and acorns. She loves to explore and climb all over playgrounds. So happy that she loves being outside!!

She has also started telling stories which is quite impressive. She will tell you barn and then start naming all of the animals that live in a barn. When Ross left for his business trip, we had a conversation about airplanes that she is still telling everyone about, "Poppi, airplane, flys, sky, in clouds, go slow". A few weeks ago she was watching me paint my toes so I asked her if we should paint Charlotte's toes one day. She immediately replied "yes". I asked her what color and she thought for a moment before responding, " pink - no...... green".

She asks several times a day for you to sing a song. "Song mama". I ask her which one and she usually answers "tinkle tinkle" (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) or "bus" (Wheels on the Bus). She just started singing the words to Twinkle Twinkle with me. She will say "tinkle tinkle star, are, up above, diamond, sky". When we sing Wheels on the Bus, she does the hand gestures.

Our little girl is growing up so fast. We are trying to savor each and every precious moment. Thanks for checking in on us. I'll be back in a few days to share some more felt food with you!


Danni said...

She is just so cute!! I love reading your updates! Hugs!!

Anna said...

How cute is she? Gonna love gardening like her parents! She's growing up too fast!

Tammi said...

LOL maggot for magnet, love it! :) She changes every time I see her, love all the cute things she's doing...will def. have to try that finger painting thing out for Dallie, she'd love that! ~hugs

debbies said...

LOL How cute is that picture of her looking at you with the face!!
Wishing you all a wonderful spring!