Friday, March 9, 2012

Felt Food

Told y'all I'm hooked on making felt food! My mom recently came to visit for a few days while Ross was on a business trip. In our spare time, we sewed up, stuffed and put together an assortment of food for Charlotte's kitchen. We had sooooo much fun completing each project. It was neat seeing each one come to life. I have to admit - not only do they look super cute, but they actually look like the real deal too. Charlotte was able to immediately identify the ones she knows. I used a lot of tutorials from Amy over on While Wearing Heels. Not only is she a sweetheart, but her tutorials are so super easy to print out and follow. Be sure to go check out the rest of her blog. It's a great place to get inspiration!!!

Chicken leg tutorial. I went ahead and made turkey legs too!

Pear tutorial. I added leaves to hide my botched sewing job :-)

Eggplant tutorial

Banana tutorial.

Radish tutorial

Lemon tutorial. I decided to use it to make limes too!

Coffee and pastry tutorial.


Amy - while wearing heels said...

How flattering! You just made my day. I loved seeing your version. I just might have to add some leaves to my pears and make some limes!!! I love them all. Thanks so much!

Anna said...

These are freaking adorable! Love the Starbucks!

Tammi said...

Love that you added turkey legs and limes, these are so cool...I know Charlotte will have lots of fun with these! Have a great weekend! ~hugs