Monday, February 20, 2012

Frog and Alligator Races

The "rog" and the alligator are two very important wooden pull toys in our house! It's the first toys she looks for every morning and several times throughout the day. She walks up to us and gently pulls on our pants as she says, "up, please". She then proceeds to shove a string in our hand that's attached to one of the pull toys and runs down the hall giggling as she pulls the other one. She wants to race them or in her own words, "I raaaace!!!"

The rules of the games are you have to stand with your back against the front door and the toys lined up and ready to go. She then screams "ready, set, go" and usually has a false start by the time she gets to "set" !

We then see a blur go by as she screams and runs by the kitchen, around the couch and back to her starting spot in the entryway. She will keep this up as long as you are willing to play. Yesterday morning, her and Ross raced for a good 45 minutes. When Ross stated that he was done, she said, "ok, baaaallllll Poppi". Her second favorite game is to dribble the soccer ball around the house. Needless to say she runs - a lot!! We love our little energetic toddler. She brings lots and lots of smiles to this household.


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Tammi said...

Those are the perfect toys, cute! I love her "false start". :) She and Dallie would have so much fun together. PS great start to TAR! :)

Anna said...

How cute is that?! She has a great imagination!