Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Open Scrapbook

Howdy. I'm still here and stamping away for my design work. I have 18 cards completed so far and 3 more days left before I need to ship them in. I can't WAIT to show you what all I've come up with. I'll let you know once I find out the official date of the release.

I thought I would take a quick break to post some pictures. Have you checked out Open Scrapbook yet? If not, take a moment to do so - you won't be sorry. I have learned so much about Photoshop from their tutorials. On this picture, I followed the Pretty Sharp tutorial. It taught me some new tricks on how to sharpen my edges which was perfect on this flower! I snapped this photo a few weeks ago on my Branson trip. One afternoon, we visited the College of the Ozarks - so neat!!! It's a college that does not charge their students for tuition. Instead they have to work around campus. One of the things we visited while we were there was their greenhouses. I went into about 7 of them and went picture happy. They were filled to the brim of beautiful plants. One thing they specialize in is orchids. I zoomed in on this one because I loved the detail and bright colors.

This next photo was just one I snapped in our backyard as soon as we got home from vacation. While we were away, Autumn decided to arrive in Texas. We don't typically get the beautiful reds and flaming oranges. Instead our trees turn yellow extremely quickly and drop their leaves a few days later. I love this photo because it captured the lovely shades of yellow and brown, but at the same time you can still see that our grass is very green. On this photo, I followed the Autumn Leaves tutorial. It taught me how to boost those warm Autumn colors by using a few techniques. Open Scrapbook's step-by-step tutorials are super easy to follow and I'm really enjoying finally learning how to use Photoshop to my advantage. You can click on both pics for a larger view!

Be sure to check out Michelle's website: My Two Seasons. Her birthday is on Friday and she is not only celebrating by seeing New Moon, but she is giving away a one year free membership to Open Scrapbook!!!!!!! You have until Friday morning to get your entries in.


debbies said...

Beautiful pic Kim and can't wait to see your design work projects.

Michelle - My Two Seasons said...

Kim, you're such a sweetheart!! I'm so glad you're enjoying the tutorials! Your pictures are just gorgeous and I love seeing what you post in the gallery!

That is so exciting about the design work! They are just going to love them!!

Tammi said...

Gorgeous pics! And I loved Ryan & Ellenore too! :) At least all my favs are in the top 12! Yay!