Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Egg Drop Randomness

Hey there. Sorry I haven't posted too many creations this week, but I've been a busy little bee. The wedding last Saturday was wonderful. The bride and groom looked cold, but perfect, LOL. It was 41˚ that night and they had an outdoor wedding. We had fun chatting and cuddling with family :) On Sunday, we went bowling with my parents, brother, SIL and 2 nephews. It was so much fun. I was proud of Ross and myself, we actually bowled 2 games right over 100 - that is unheard of for us! Must be all that Wii bowling we are doing. Monday my parents were still here so we ran all over town picking up stuff for Thanksgiving. I'm hosting on turkey day so I now have 3 12 pound turkeys in my freezer. Eek!

I have been stamping though. Remember last month when I posted all of those Halloween cards one weekend? Well my Lostie sisters put another one together and this time it's Christmas kit cards. So this weekend I will be posting 14 of those. I have a few more I'm working on, but I can't wait to show y'all what I came up with. Ross is off on Friday. We are taking Nala to the vet for her annual and then going to see Twilight at noon. WooHoo - I can't wait for that!!!!

I do have a recipe to share with y'all. Ross made his famous fried rice a couple weeks ago. He tried some new things this time and added garlic, fish sauce and tiny cooked shrimp. YUM. It was so good! I had stumbled across Emerils Egg Drop Soup and decided to give it a try that night as well. It was the perfect hot soup for a chilly night and super easy to make. I love the shitake mushrooms in this recipe. I was leery about doing the egg part, but it went smoothly and little egg ribbons formed as soon as I whisked it. We will definitely make this again. Ok, back to getting these kits done. Hope y'all have a fabulous week and be prepared to check out some cute Christmas cards this weekend!


Catherine said...

sounds like a fun weekend. and OMGoodness, your soup and the friend rice looks so yummy :)

Cindy Karasz said...

Yum! That looks so good, Kim!

john f baylor said...

Hey Kimberly, the Egg Drop Soup & Fried Rice is right down my alley. It sounds very good and we'll accidently be up that way starting Monday. hint....hint Your DAD