Friday, November 21, 2008


Ross took off today and we waited in line this morning to see Twilight at noon. Our showing was pretty packed and it was a great crowd. They all gasped, giggled, and giddily sighed at all the same times. I've read a lot of mixed reviews about the movie, but we personally loved it. I think that it was cast very well!! It included a great storyline and had a wonderful balance of romance, comedy, action and drama! Bella is perfect. She is just how I pictured her and she even stumbles all over the place. I was leery about Robert Pattison playing Edward - but I'm so sold now. He did a great job and looked great too. His smirks, intense stares and vulnerability are great. Wait until you see his eyes - sigh and those kissing scenes will make you melt in your theater seat! Kristen and Robert have a great chemistry too. I also really liked the Cullens. Alice is absolutely perfect!!!!! I was surprised that I liked Billy and Charlie so much. I pictured them differently while I was reading the books, but I loved them in the movie. They both had some great lines. Speaking of lines - the movie did include some of my favorite quotes. Oh and Stephenie makes a small cameo. Some of my favorite scenes were: in chemistry class, Edward picking Bella up in his car, eating at the restaurant, going into the woods around Forks, visiting the Cullens home ( which was perfect) and all of them playing baseball. The music was great. I've been listening to the CD for weeks now and it was interesting to see where they used it all. I really liked how the movie was filmed too. The camera angles were different and unique. I was curious how they were going to portray Edward in the sunlight and I think they did a good job. The action sequences were great too. I also really like all of the little vampire quirks that the Cullens had!! I agree that the movie moved a little fast at the beginning, but then I realized that there is absolutely no possible way to include all of the wonderful details that Stephenie went into in the book. I'm happy with how it came out. I would see it again. I will buy it when it becomes available and I will anxiously await the next movie.

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Tammi said...

*sigh* Great review...I didn't read it all though! ;) So looking forward to tomorrow! Have a great weekend!