Friday, November 18, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! Are y'all prepping up for turkey day next week? It's our favorite holiday and we are definitely looking forward to it this year. We can't wait to see Charlotte's reaction to all of the yummy food. Kid eats everything - well almost, she hates bananas. We are getting ready to do all of our shopping this weekend. We are planning on smoking 4 turkeys and feeding a crew of family members. Doesn't hurt to have plenty of leftovers either :)

So I have a question for ya. Are any of you addicted to Pinterest as much as I am? I just discovered it about a month ago and I'm hooked. If you're not familiar with it, it's a site where you can pin pictures/links to things you find on the internet. Think bookmarks, but with pictures. Perfect for me since I'm a visual person and I bookmark things and then completely forget about them. You can also browse categories for things other people have pinned. I originally got on there to get some decorating ideas for the house, but I've found so many neat things to pin. DIY crafts, recipes, helpful cleaning tips and holiday decor. However, my favorite thing to hunt for is kid's craft or games. I've found soooooo many great ideas. Can't wait to try them out with C one day. If you're on there, look me up and if you're not go sign up! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Danni said...

She is just so cute!!! Sounds like you'll have a houseful of family--enjoy!!

I have to watch myself on Pinterest or I lose track of time...LOL!! I'll have to "follow" you the next time I'm on there!!

Good to see you!! :)

Tammi said...

Sweet smile! You KNOW what I think about when you talk about Thanksgiving/food/shopping don't you, haha! ;) Wow 4 turkey's, I'm coming to your house! Yum! Not into Pinterest "yet" can just image I'd be pinning a million pics, I love so many different things! Happy Thanksgiving my friend.