Thursday, December 1, 2011

16 Month Update

A few days late with my update, sorry. We had a packed house for the holiday. Charlotte turned 16 months on Thanksgiving. She had a blast visiting with family, playing with her cousin and hugging my brother's dog - oh and eating the food ;) She loved the smoked turkey, dressing and green bean casserole. This past month has been an explosion of learning and exploring. Her personality is starting to shine and we are having so much fun introducing her to new experiences.

At 16 months Charlotte:

- Is talking up a storm. She repeats everything and surprises us daily with new words. The newest words she has added to her vocabulary are: sit, bike (bice), remote (mote), orange, yellow, moon, help, up, right here, toes, nose, noodle, dance, and my favorite - Christmas (mas). She can also identify the letters C & O as well as the shape of a circle and star.

- loves to help. I open the dishwasher and she comes running yelling heeeelp. She wants to be the one to unload it. She's still obsessed with laundry. She follows me into the laundry room and has to put each piece of clothing in herself, then she wants to push the buttons to start the machines. She loves fluffing laundry too.

- is obsessed with trains and pumps her arm when she sees one. Is also obsessed with balls. Kicking, rolling, throwing - she does it all and constantly wants you to play with her. She even holds them above her head saying 1,2,3 before throwing and chasing after them. She also just learned to color which makes this crafty mama super excited.

- loves to pretend. She has perfected pretend sleeping and it's the cutest thing ever. She lays down on a pillow, doesn't close her eyes, but looks to one corner and then pretends to snore until you tell her to wake up. She also loves to pretend to cook or serve you tea. I taught her cheers so we do a lot of clinking plastic cups and sipping faux drinks around here ;)

- has learned to introduce herself. She holds out her hand for you to shake and will keep doing it until you say - hi Charlotte nice to meet you!

Overall, it's been a busy month and we are loving every minute of it. We are definitely looking forward to Christmas and seeing her reactions to everything. Happy holidays and thanks for checking in on us!!


Tammi said...

LOL, love that she pretend sleeps and snores! So many cute things she's doing, always love the updates Kim!! Darling pics! She'll be so fun at Christmas! ~hugs

Danni said...

Awww..what a cutie!! I love your updates!! She's just too adorable!

Jennifer ♥ said...

She's one smart little cookie! The holiday are going to be really fun this year :)

Anna said...

How darling is she?! Love the photo of her and Rossman in the park! Christmas is gonna be a blast with her this year!