Friday, November 11, 2011

First Trip to the Zoo

First off, happy Veteran's day!!! We are very grateful for those that have served both past and present to honor and protect our country. Thank you for your bravery, dedication and numerous sacrifices. Charlotte was thrilled to see lots of flags flying high today. She's obsessed with pointing out each and every flag she can spot!

We took a road trip to Houston last weekend. We attended a wedding on Saturday. Can I tell you how much fun it is to get my precious daughter totally dressed up for special occasions. She got many, many compliments and looked quite darling if I do say so myself. Seeing her and Ross dressed up and cuddling pretty much made my heart explode! We are going to have to work on wearing tights though. She kept taking her shoes off in the car and trying to rip her tights off like she does with her socks. What can I say - she likes to be barefoot like her mama.

Sunday we took Charlotte to the Houston zoo. Ross and I could barely contain our excitement. Since the moment Charlotte was born, we've talked about taking her to the zoo. It's something that we've always enjoyed doing together and I have to tell you - it's a totally dIfferent experience seeing it through the eyes of your child. She loved pointing out all of the animals and making their sounds to us. There were two exhibits that totally made her eyes light up. The first one was the giraffes. She was in awe over their height and proximity. We ate at a cafe where you sat outside right next to where they were feeding the giraffes lettuce leaves. She giggled at their long black tongues and waved everytime one came walking by the patio.

The second was the world of primates! We were excited to see such a variety of monkeys. The zoos in our area don't have many at all and they are so much fun to watch. Charlotte really loved watching them swing around and play together. We spent a long time watching the chimpanzees. There were two, right by the glass, using sticks to place in a hole and pull termites out to nibble on. It was neat seeing them so up close. The funniest and definitely oddest were these tiny monkeys called Tamarin. They would follow you as you walked by and study you as much as we studied them. We had a great visit. I would definitely go back again and recommend it to others. It's surrounded by a wonderful park that we enjoyed strolling through and it's located nearby several interesting looking museums. Have you been to the zoo recently? What was your favorite exhibit??


Jennifer ♥ said...

I love the expression in that last picture - too cute!

I can't wait to take Preston to the zoo, we have a pretty neat one here in town. They light the whole thing up at Christmas and have Santa and luminaries all over. The monkey house is always my favorite :)

Anna said...

How sweet does she look all dressed up? Love the photo of her sitting with the statue!

debbies said...

Aaahhhh how adorable is she!!! I haven't been to a zoo in a while, but always adore the penguins.

Shelly said...

Charlotte looks so gorgeous all dressed up for the wedding. She's smart about tights - she realizes that they're the fore runner of the dreaded pantyhose. lol

I love the zoo. My favorite exhibit at our zoo is the giraffes. The otter exhibit is a close second. they are so fun to watch as they frolic and play.

Tammi said...

Awww, love the pics...gosh she's so cute Kim! Love her all dressed up, so sweet in that dress and Ross giving her a kiss. And I always say, barefoot is best! :) LOL at that monkey relaxing! I was telling Scott the other day we missed out on going to the zoo this year and we should have taken Dallie, of course I don't know if we could keep up with her, haha! I just know when we do go and see the snake exhibit again I'll be thinking of HP! ;)