Friday, June 24, 2011

11 Month Update

Did I just write that? Geez, this past month has flown by in a whirlwind. We have been crazy busy and on the constant go, but I'll get to that in a bit. Let's talk about Charlotte. That's really my favorite subject to talk about anyways!!!! At 11 months.......

- she now has a total of 8 teeth. Who knew that little toothy grins could make you melt so much! Charlotte loves eating regular food now. Her absolute favorite is homemade spaetzle that her Tante Babsi cooks to perfection, black beans or watermelon. My kid goes nuts over watermelon!!!! She not shy when she tastes something she likes. She will sit there going "yummmmmmmmm" while shoveling food in her mouth. It reminds us of that scene from What About Bob. She's also a pro at guzzling water from a sippy cup. We often get lots of giggles when people see her do this because she throws her head back, points the sippy cup straight up towards the ceiling and chugs away. You'd think she had been parched for days. She recently learned how to take sips of water from my glass. She loves the ice cold water and gets this look of pride at accomplishing something so grown up.

- she is soooo smart. When asked, "how old are you going to be?", she coyly holds up one little index finger. We've been amazed at how much she's comprehending and piecing together these days.

- she is starting to play pretend. She has a tiny kitchen that she plays with daily and she's constantly bringing us spoons and cups to slurp out of before requesting them back so she can do the same. She also loves pretending to talk on the phone.

- she has learned to communicate better with us. This has been a fabulous development. She fully understands how to sign for "more" or "all done" , she shakes her head for "yes" , and she points at items that she wants.

- Charlotte has learned to dance. And boy does she dance!!! In the car, at the store, while playing with musical toys or my personal favorite - while watching So You Think You Can Dance. As soon as she hears a tune she likes, she started bouncing up and down, back and forth, bobbing her head, clapping and giggling all at the same time. I found a Toddler music station on our TV so we listen to it and dance in the afternoons.

- is an avid bird watcher!!! She is completely enamored with birds. She stands on the couch or bangs on the back window just waiting for one to land in our backyard and then squeals with delight and begs you to take her outside for a closer look. She also loves to wave and say hi to the dogs being walked around the neighborhood.

- is moving around like the wind. One moment you see her and the next you just hear her hands and legs scooting down the hall out of sight. She stands up and scurries along the edges of objects as well. And just yesterday I caught her standing all on her own for almost a minute. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her completely stable and in control of her balance. It won't be long before those first steps start happening!

As you can see in that last picture, Charlotte is perched against a box. Boxes litter our house at the moment! On June 1, we placed our house on the market. It sold in 4 days. We immediately started house hunting and will actually be moving on July 1. It's been a crazy busy month, but Charlotte has been such a trooper!!! We've dragged her all over the place, messed up her schedule numerous times and given her a new playground made out of boxes to explore. She loves the boxes and loves helping me pack. For every 1 item I pack up, she pulls 3 items out. It has been a slow process, but at least she's entertained. We're looking forward to moving to our new place and slowly getting adjusted and settled in. Thanks for checking up on us. Can't believe my little sugarplum will be 1 next month!!!!


Tammi said...

Sweet! She's doing and learning so much, thanks for sharing what your darling little girl is up to now. :) Funny how she "guzzles" from a sippy cup and goes nuts for watermelon...I sure could go for some good watermelon myself! LOL on her pulling things out of the boxes as you pack too, too cute! Hugs to you both.

Anna said...

A new house! How exciting! Charlotte is way too cute! How cute she loves to talk to the birds! Can't wait to hear about the new place when you get settled!

debbies said...

See I told you time flies!!! How exciting that you sold your house in 4 days Kim. I can't wait to see her birthday pics.

Michelle said...

oh my goodness how adorable is she!!! I LOVE the awesome update - she is so so cute and I bet every day is a complete joy to be with her. Good luck with your move - how awesome that your house sold so quickly! Have a super summer and looking forward to the bday pictures :D

Bridgett said...

Oh my word! Little Miss Charlotte is growing so much! What an angel girl she is!! I absolutely loved this post...what a great thing to look back and see these milestones. Trust me, you won't remember! LOL Great news on the quick selling of your house! Hope you get settled in your new home quickly! :) Have a wonderful day!