Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Month Update

Another month has come and flown by so quickly. My sweet Charlotte is growing and learning new things constantly. It has definitely been a fun few weeks. I love watching her discover new things. Her personality is definitely blossoming. She's energetic, curious, social and a comedian. She always entertains everyone and keeps us laughing.

At 10 months, Charlotte ....

- is slowly getting away from pureed foods and trying out solids. We love watching her pick up tiny pieces of food. She's very meticulous about it. This month she has tried real: kernels of brown rice, green beans, potatoes, pears, apples, pasta, peas, grated cheese and watermelon. She has loved it all. She's also nuts about yogurt - either vanilla or blueberry flavored. Good thing we are moving to solids because this month brought two more teeth; giving her a total of six. We believe #7 is just below the surface, but she refuses to let us get a good look.

- still loves being outdoors. We hung up a swing in the backyard and use it daily. She also tried out her swimming pool on Mother's day. She enjoyed splashing around and playing in it. I know we will use it lots this summer.

- continues to love books. Our new favorite is Where's the Green Sheep by Mem Fox. When the book asks that question, it's just a blank page so I started flipping my hand over as if asking a question. Well little Miss picked up on that and does the same gesture when she hears the word "where". It's quite cute and instantly made us realize that she's watching our every move!!!

- is crawling all over the house. You put her down and she scurries off eager to explore. She's pulling up on anything she can get her tiny little hands on and she's not scared to let go and fall back when she's ready to move on. This new developments has given me heart palpitations and many new gray hairs!!! She's just now starting to hold on and take a few steps around the edge of things. People always gasp at her height when they see her standing. She towers over the coffee table and can now stand up and reach the top of our dining room table. Craziness!!!!

- is babbling like crazy. She loves to mimic your noises and has started saying "Bye". If we ask her what a sheep says, she will reply with a short and super sweet " Ba". It's quite cute.

- still loves singing "head, shoulders, knees and toes". She's starting to learn some of her body parts too. She will point to her head and grab her ears when asked where they are.

- has learned to play. She loves: stacking toys and knocking them down, having us hide objects for her to find, playing peek-a-boo at any given chance, or just playing with us in general. I love when she finds something that we've done hilarious and bust out with a girlie squeal or a full body chuckle. She has the most infectious laugh.

She's simply just a joy and absolute delight to have around. I can't believe we have a ten month old!!! Thanks for checking in on us!!!


debbies said...

Oooh she is so cute!!! Love how she scrunches her little nose!

Tammi said...

Thanks for sharing Kim, she's learning so many things and is so cute!! Look at that sweet little grin! :) Dallie mimics and repeats EVERYTHING now, so yeah, watch out, lol! I love how she's holding her hands in the pool, she's so adorable.

Anna said...

Love that photo of her and Rossman! Way too cute! Can't believe 10 months has passed already!

Jennifer ♥ said...

She's such a cutie pie! I love seeing her updates :)

(Preston says 'How you doin'?)

Shelly said...

Such a darling little bathing beauty!
Love that swimsuit. I had to smile at the picture of Charlotte playing with the pans. I think every child has done that for generations on end. Thanks for painting such terrific word pictures along with the wonderful real pictures you share.