Sunday, May 18, 2008

Omigod You Guys

What a day!!! We woke up and headed to the library. Melissa, Ross got a picture with the big lions :) Then we went over to Grand Central Station. Dang that place is huge. Two of my LOSTie friends from SCS, Jess & Edie, came into the city to meet us. It was so nice spending the afternoon with them and finally meeting them face to face. They are both just so sweet and cute. They took us on our first Subway ride and we ate at a wonderful Italian place. After that we hit up The Ink Pad, a stamp store here in N.Y. OMWord, it was full of stamps and such a great little shop. We then went to a cute, little bakery and had some yummalicious cupcakes. That icing was so good! After they left, we went and hung out in Times Square and got tickets for Legally Blonde. Omigod, Omigod you guys. I can't stop singing that song. All of the songs were great, but that one is stuck in my head. I'll have to get the CD now. The show is playing in a theater right off of Times Square and it was soooooooo super good. The characters were perfect and it followed the movie story line pretty good. It was definitely funny and had some great lines! The girl that played Elle was wonderful and they all had such great energy. The sets were beautiful too. We got out around 9:30 and Times Square was packed, but we loved it. It's so hard to describe that area to y'all. There are so many lights that you can't even tell it's late at night. There are tons of people everywhere, but you still feel safe. It's like an adrenaline boost because there is so much excitement going on around you. We walked around down there for about an hour. Just taking pictures, and staring at everything. The guys stopped at some street vendors and got roasted mixed nuts (those were good) and some chicken kebabs. We have 1 more day to go. My feet will never be the same. We have walked so much, but it has all been worth it!! Hugs.


Sheila said...

Hello! Love your blog and all your gorgeous cards. esp the Bellas : ) Am really devastated to learn there is a great stamp shop in NY, as we were there on a trip in February and could not find anyone who knew there was any stamp or scrapbooking stores there (apart froma Jo-Ann's in Brooklyn), so am totally GUTTED to learn there was a great one! Oh well, next time :'(

Keep up the lovely cards,
Sheila x

Melissa said...

Kim!! I'm so glad that you got to see Legally Blonde. It's a fab show, and the music is so much fun! That is great that Ross got to see the giant lions at the library. I hope he took his photo with one of them. : ) You know I'd get a big kick out of seeing him hugging the lion's neck.

Where's the photo of you w/ Edie and Jess?? ; ) I'm *so* happy you got to meet up with them and that they took you on a subway and the neat stamp store.

BTW, Edie and Jess, if you are reading the comments, you girls are as cute as ever!!