Monday, May 19, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action

We hit the streets full speed ahead this morning. It was our last full day here and we definitely got a lot of last minute stuff in. First thing we did, was ride the Staten Island Ferry so we could pass by the Statue of Liberty and Elise Island. We also got a great view of the tip of Manhattan. When we returned, we headed to the Myrell Lynch bull and found a surprise. All of the Indy 500 racers were posed around it taking a picture with the huge trophy. I swear that thing came up to my shoulders. It was HUGE. I only recognized 2 racers: Danika and Helio, but there were a ton of them down there. They went on top of a tour bus for a photo op and we started yelling Helio and Dancing With the Stars and he looked right at me, gave a huge smile and thumbs up. We then walked down to Wall Street and saw the New York Stock Exchange and then headed over a few blocks to visit Ground Zero. It's hard to explain that area to people if you haven't been to the city before because it's an entire block that is empty. There are no empty blocks in NYC!!!! There were 10+ cranes in the middle of it and that's it. One of the big things we did today was get around riding the subway and yes we saw rats on the tracks! I'm very proud of us though because we took it all over the place and only got confused once. We decided to stroll through Central Park and were surprised when we came upon a movie in the process of being filmed by Tavern on the Green. It's called When In Rome and we saw Anjelica Huston and Kristen Bell filming a scene. How cool is that?? It was neat to see how they do things and all the behind the scenes stuff. Can't wait for it to come out now so we can see that part! After watching that for an hour, we stopped in a pizza shop for one last NY slice. Man it was good and wouldn't ya know there was a cupcake bakery 2 doors down so of course we had to stop there too! With full bellies, we then went and saw the Chrysler building. It was beautiful and had these massive silver eagles on all the corners. We then went to the top of Rockefeller Center and saw some amazing 360˚ views of the city. Finally we road over and saw Bloomingdales, Serendipity and Yankee Stadium and to finish the night off we strolled through Time Square one last time. It was a full day and I'm just so amazed at all of the stuff that we have seen on this trip. We head back to hot Tx tomorrow. It was 54˚ here today and my brother said it was 96˚ back at home. UGH. So thanks for reading about our vacation. I'll be back to crafting soon. I can't wait to use the new stamps I bought yesterday. Hugs!!!!


Anonymous said...

KIM! How fun! I can tell you guys are having a blast!

- amanda

Anonymous said...

Awesome -- you've seen some great things!! Can't wait to see ALL the pictures when you get home :)

~Jennifer K.

Tammi said...

How super exciting for you Kim!! I love your view of NY, thanks for sharing.

PS...Helio is so cute! Lovin' that smile!

Melissa said...

Kim, thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. Y'all did a TON of fun things. I can't wait to see more photos.

stampinlynn said...

Oh Kim your pics look really great looks like you had a wonderful time. Now I'm about to check out your fingerlicken good site, catch up with later be good and of course more inspiring to us all.
Be blessed.