Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads

Hey folks. I've got another product review to share with you! We recently discovered the Melissa and Doug Reusable Stickers Pads and instantly fell in love with them. In fact, we bought one for Charlotte for Christmas and after seeing how much she enjoyed it, we immediately purchased several more.

Each fun pad contain five different scenes and 150+ reusable, vinyl stickers. You simply peel off the reusable stickers and place them on each scene. When you are done playing, they peel right back off and are ready to use the next time your little one is ready to play. This is genius! Charlotte has spent hours creating little scenes and using it to tell stories. She has been playing with these constantly since the end of December!!!!

We have the following and these are the scenes that each include -

Habitats Reusable Sticker Pad :
A farm, a prehistoric landscape, an African oasis, a jungle and an ocean.

Play House! Reusable Sticker Pad:
A living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a yard.

Vehicles Reusable Sticker Pad:
A harbor,  construction site, train depot, city street, and an airport.

Reusable Fairies Sticker Pad
A twilight scene,  garden village, pond, inside of a tree house and a forrest.

They also have a Dress-Up Reusable Sticker Pad and Princess Castle Reusable Sticker Pad . Both are on our wish list! 

If your child is a fan of stickers, I can't stress how wonderful these are. We recently went on a road trip and it was easy to pack for quick  entertainment in the car and hotel room! My favorite part is finding the various scenes that she comes up with. The majority of the time they make me giggle because they are completely chaotic!! I also love overhearing her create little stories as she places each piece.

When purchasing, make sure the pad states Reusable in the title because the company does make additional pads that look similar, but contain regular stickers. They run $4.99-$6.80. That's a great deal for the amount of time my three year old has already used it plus everything that is included in each pad!!! At the end of the day, my husband and I check out her creations and then remove and replace the vinyl stickers on their original page so she is ready to make a new scene the next time she picks it up.

If you do end up buying one or all of these sticker pads, please send us a photo of a fun scene your little one creates!!! (you can find us on Instagram). We would love to see them. 

 (the above post includes affiliate links and my own personal opinions. I was not contacted or compensated by the company. We just truly love this products!!!)

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Jennifer ♥ said...

I recently bought one of these for Preston! We got the vehicle one because he is OBSESSED with trucks, cars, trains or planes! He loves it and it makes a great car activity - I just bring along a flat cookie sheet as a 'desk' :)