Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tangerine Chicken with Corny Couscous

I tried another new recipe out this past week that I wanted to pass along to you. It was easy and very tasty. Ross was very impressed as well which is always a good thing. I made Rachel Ray's Tangerine Chicken with Corny Couscous. The chicken was cooked perfectly and that sauce ... oh my goodness the sauce was yummalicious! Everything blends together to make this fabulous BBQ topping. The citrus did not overpower everything too, just gave it a nice fresh flavor. You place the chicken on a bed of corny couscous which was great just on it's own. It has corn, bell peppers and scallions all mixed in with the couscous. It was light and just the perfect side dish with the chicken. The whole meal took no time at all to make! Let me know if you give it a try. Happy cooking!!


Kelly Jo said...

well, doesn't this look delish! I'm trying this tomorrow night- thanks for the idea!

Margaret said...

This looks and sounds so good. I've printed off the recipe and plan to make it soon.