Sunday, March 15, 2009


I just wanted to help spread the word. My very talented SIL, Barbara (a.k.a Babsi), just opened her very own Etsy store called babsibcrafts . I'm so excited for her. She is an AMAZING knitter and blows me away with all of her handmade crafts. She always has her little knitting basket with her wherever she goes and she is constantly working on new projects. I love everything she makes, but I really, really, really love her bears. I love watching her go through the process of making them. She even dresses them up in little clothes sometimes. So cute!! They truly make extra special gifts!! If you look in her store, there is a purple bear listed. I have one very similar to that, only it's blue. We've named him blueberry :) Then for our wedding, she made a little bride and groom. Oh my gosh. I know a ton of work went into them and you can so tell. They are extra special to us. So please pop in and check her stuff out. Be sure to bookmark the page as well. I know she will be adding some more items soon, including jewelry!


Anna said...

How cute is that bear?! What a cool hobby! I hope her store does well!

Tammi said...

Oh wow, she's talented, that's adorable!! She does fantastic work!