Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thanks Danni!

Danni over at Danni Dreams nominated me for a You Make My Day Award. Thank you sweetie, you truly make my day with all of the sweet comments that you leave. They always put a smile on my face!!! I also love reading your blog and seeing your designs!!! It's so hard to pick people to nominate, so I'm doing things a tad different. Yesterday, I went through my Google Reader list and updated my blog roll. If you look over on the right hand side and scroll down a bit, you will see it. Those are the blogs that I read and get inspiration from. Now do you have any favorites that aren't on my list? If so please leave me a link so I can check them out. Or if you drop by here often and you have a blog, let me know. I would love to stop by and say hi! Doesn't have to be stamping related either. I have a couple photography and cooking ones on my list that I love to read!

We are leaving for vacation tomorrow. So there won't be any crafting for a bit, but I'm hoping that the hotel will have good internet access so I can post about our trip along the way. If not, then I will just have to share when we return. Have a great day!!!!!!

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Colleen Wold said...

Hey Kim! You deserve the make my day always make my day with your awesome cards and pretty pictures of flowers, food, and gardening. :)
I'm outta the loop over on the island, so I just wanted to say have a wonderful vacation!!! ((HUGS))