Saturday, March 1, 2008

Make me a Supermodel

Anyone watch Make me a Supermodel on Bravo? Go Holly!!! I've liked her from the beginning. Anyhow, I think that Nala has been secretly watching the show with me and taking notes. Tonight she struck a few poses that were pure genius. First we have her typical "what did I do now" pose. Notice the innocent, puppy eyes that make everyone's heart melt no matter what they get into. She even has the whole saint thing going on with the blanket veil and praying paws. Next we have her high fashion magazine pose. Now I know that blanket only cost $8.00, but she is so working it and making it look like it at least cost $20.00. She definitely got that look from Ronny on the show. She is serious, her fabric is draped just right and she is focused. Finally, we have her portfolio picture. This proves that she is the perfect size for a model weighing in a mere 4 pounds. But her secret weapon is her legs. Look at the length of that thing. She's definitely adopted with that frame, LOL. And this folks is what happens when you stay up playing Wii until 4 a.m. Too much energy for your own good!!!!


Edie said...

You're killing me!
That is so cute and funny to see her w/ that blanket on!

Nala rocked the $8 blanket!

The Wold Family said... are STILL in the running to become America's Next Top "Dog" Model! LOL! (said in my best Tyra Banks voice.)

These pictures are adorable, Kim!

Lynn said...

You are too funny and your doggie is so cute!
Great shots of Nala workin that blanket!

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful doggie diva!!!

Sheryl said...

...haha, this was to funny! And Nala, you definitely are America's Next Top doggie Model! You go girl..."Sport that blanket"!

Tammi said...

OMGosh LOL!!! Woohoo it!! :)