Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tracy's Organize Challenge

My friend Tracy issued a challenge this morning: to clean and organize either your stamp room, cards, paper, or any storage area that's been bugging you. I know it's not much, but I did accept the challenge. I have a 3 bin container that sits on the filing cabinet next to my desk. The middle bin has been stuffed to its limits of loose ribbon that I have either purchased at a LSS or been given. It is so crammed pack that the poor drawer wouldn't close anymore and when I opened the other draws it would pop open and their would be a mini confetti ribbon explosion. I also noticed that I stopped using all that great ribbon hidden in there because I didn't want to deal with the mess. Almost a year ago, I saw this idea on Amy's blog and I bookmarked it for future use. Now for a little background story, I used to work in a lingerie store at the outlet mall when I was in college. One time we had a shipment of know the kind that come 1 to a package, and they were shipped with these thick cardboard pieces so the packages wouldn't bend. Being the stamper that I am, I saved those babies and have used them for many projects in the last 5 years (yes I saved a ton of them and still have a nice supply). That is what I used today to wrap my ribbon around. They are cut 2 x 3 with a little slit on the end to hold the ribbon in place. If I only had a short piece of ribbon, I was able to get 2 different styles on one cardboard. If I remembered where I got the ribbon from, I also made a note of it on the cardboard. So now I'm happy, I can once again see what ribbon I have available and everything looks nice and organized. Thanks Tracy!!!


Melissa said...

Kim, this is great! I like how you organized your ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous idea Kim. It does look so neat and orderly.


Suzanne said...

Great idea! Neat and orderly ribbon is so much easier to use! I love my ribbon when it's organized. I have a mason jar of shorter pieces and I rarely go through because it's such a mess!

Rachel Hope said...

Awesome!!!! I have ribbon explosions in glass jars by color, but you are gets annoying to have to dig!

(I like your subtle ad...THANKS!)

Rhonda said...


This is awesome!! I have some mishmash ribbons in ziplock bags that I should do this to. I actually have a bunch wound on clothespins in a jar, but it's full so I can't fit more in there. I think this is great cuz it can lay flat in the drawer!! Great job, hooray for you!! :D

Tracy H said...


I luff organization!!! *rubs hands together in delight*. This looks great. Don't you feel good? I'll bet you found some cute ribbon and already have ideas.

Yeah for KIM!!!