Thursday, August 2, 2007

Garden pics

It's been awhile since I've shown some garden pics. The weather has just been too wet and rainy, so a lot of our stuff is overgrown at the moment, but I did manage to snap some shots today. This is our Richard Wallace Canna Lily. It's taller than me!!! We have several different types of Cannas planted around the yard.
Does anyone know what this is??? This is going to turn into a beautiful Celadine plumeria bloom. We got hooked on plumerias when we were in Kauai so we have about 4 in the backyard. LOVE the blooms and scents!!!
This is one of my favorite things blooming at the moment. It is a Spicy Jatropha shrubs. The dainty flowers are so pretty and add a great color to the yard.
The hummingbirds go nuts over these red blooms. It is called a Turk's cap.
Ross planted our pomegrante bush out in the back yard and it seems to be doing okay in it's new home. We have 2 little pomegrantes on it.
Finally here is a pic of what's left of our pear tree. Yep the one we were so excited over because it was the first time it had fruit on it. A storm came through with some really strong wind and totally snapped it in half. The dragonflies seems to love perching on the leftover stick though :)

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Kris said...

you have gorgeous flowers! Sorry to hear about your pear tree! No partridges in there this year eh? (I'm a cornball, I know it!)