Monday, April 2, 2012

Velcro Crafts Sticks

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Pinterest??? I have found and pinned sooooo many fabulous ideas and the boards that are the fullest are of course for Charlotte. I have found numerous crafts, games and busy little projects that I can't wait to work on and make for her. This weeks project was extremely easy and a huge hit.

After seeing this idea for Velcro Craft Sticks pinned over and over again, I knew that I wanted to make a set for Charlotte. I picked up a package of large colored craft sticks at Hobby Lobby as well as a big box of Hook and Loop Velcro fasteners. There are six different colored craft sticks and I made six of each color. Even though the Velcro had a sticky side to attach it to things, I added a tiny dot of Tacky glue just to give it a little extra strength against curious Toddler hands :)

Yes my daughter is wearing a headband around her neck!

Charlotte loved them. When I first gave them to her, she spent time pointing out all of the colors to me. I would then ask her to find a color to give to me. She also had fun pulling them apart and separating them by color. I can already tell that we will come up with so many ways for using these sticks. I showed her that we could make letters and shapes with them. She then showed me that they would stick to her felt board. Simple project, but already hours of fun playing with them.

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Jennifer ♥ said...

Love this craft and love Pinterest! :)