Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Chaos

I know it has been a few months since I posted an update. We've been busy little bees settling into our new place as well as chasing a full blown toddler. Charlotte recently turned 15 months and is bouncing all over the place. Here are some recent achievements:

- We've been going through teething hell lately ;) C has been working on getting her first molars in. 4 in fact. All at once!!! Fun times people - not! God bless Popsicles. Her favorite is pureed peach. She will even go over to the freezer and open it trying to hunt for them. I've also made watermelon and pineapple/banana/coconut milk blend. Speaking of teeth, my kid is obsessed with brushing her new pearly whites. She will stand at the bathroom counter, on her tippy toes, pointing up and saying brush.

- Knows a ton of animal sounds. She has become a great entertainer at parties with people sitting around asking her what does a ___ say? The newest ones she has added to her list are: elephant ( she even flips her arm over her head), alligator, squirrel, owl, lion, horse, donkey, snake, pig, fish (makes fishy lips), mouse, crow (caw while flapping her "wings"), monkey, seal (she will clap her hands together), chicken and crab. She also loves motorcycles and revs her fist when she sees them, dump trucks (room), fire trucks (makes a siren sound), airplanes and buses.

- Is talking up a storm and repeating everything!!!! Her newest words are: straw, sock, shoe, pretty, cool, no, ice, house, pop (for Poppi), book, mess, brush and toast. She is constantly babbling in her own language too.

- She figured out walking right after her birthday and that immediately turned into running and climbing. She's a quick little monkey and it doesn't help that she's so tall. She swings her long leg up on something and proceeds to crawl on top of everything possible.

- Ross and I have started geocaching. It's a fun thing for us to do together and it has really taught us the way around our new area. It has also introduced us to a ton of new parks and C loves parks. She gets excited to swing, wants to go down the tallest slides possible and just loves exploring new areas. We've even taken her out on a few hikes that were quite peaceful and relaxing.

We've just been keeping busy and embracing the happy chaos. I'll try and get on here to post more often. I'm constantly putting pics on Twitter or Instagram so feel free to check there in the meantime. Hope y'all have a great weekend. We are looking forward to Halloween on Monday!


Tammi said...

There's that sweet girl, what a sweetheart! She's really growing, lots more hair now! Your popsicles sound delish, can I have one? :) So cute all the things she's doing and learning...she'd def. know what a fire truck sounded like if she lived here, the boys had quite the collection, lol. Love that she revs her fist when she sees a motorcycle...thanks for the update Kim, always make me smile. ~hugs

Jennifer ♥ said...

Love the update! Can't wait to see what she's going to be for Halloween - Preston will be a penguin :)

debbies said...

So happy to see new pics!!! Glad you are loving your new neighborhood and exploring to see what it has to offer.

Anna said...

How cute is she digging at the pumpkins, and popcicles! Teething isn't fun! I hope they have popped through and aren't bothering her so much. I knew someone who did the geocaching, and loved it too. Have fun exploring your new surroundings!