Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paula's Orange Coffee Cake

So I mentioned a couple days ago that my wonderful husband surprised me one morning with a vase full of beautiful daisies and a delicious breakfast. He made eggs and bacon, but he also made Paula Deen's fabulous Orange Coffee Cake. We had just watched the episode a few days earlier where she had made that and I mentioned how I wanted to try it out. See he does listen!!! Talk about a great, quick breakfast. This would be so easy to whip up when you have company spending the night. Your guests would never know that it's basically just a can of biscuits. The topping and icing that you add to it are so flavorful and tasty. He ended up using pecans instead of walnuts since that's what we had on hand. It has kept great in an airtight container and it's still as fresh as when he baked it. I also wanted to share another quick recipe with y'all. We had tacos early this week and I made Cumin Avocado Rice to go with it. Another super quick recipe, full of flavor. I've been making it for about 2 years now and everyone always asks for the recipe. I love the fresh avocado chunks in it. You can use your favorite salsa in it too. I use the H-E-B Cilantro Salsa. Have a great day and a wonderful Easter weekend!


Anna said...

This looks yummy!

Chris said...

thanks for always sharing these great goodies - I just went out and got biscuits! :) What a sweet husband you have -- enjoy him!

Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

How sweet of Ross!!

That rice sounds fabulous!! I'll definitely make it soon :)