Friday, May 30, 2008


I've decided to add a new idea to my blog called Fab Food. The idea behind it is to write about new places that I've found to eat at. I have a lot of locals that read along, but hopefully it will inspire y'all to get out there and not be afraid to go somewhere new. It's easy to get stuck in a routine and go to the same places over and over again, but it's fun to venture out and see what you can find.

We live close to Austin so I know we will have a blast exploring, but if we are ever traveling I will include those places as well. Ross was off today and at his work on Wed. they had chips and queso brought in from this place. That's why we picked it today. It's called Tacodeli. Now there's not much to this place, nothing fancy at all, but it was packed. That's when you know you've found something good. They specialize in, you guessed it, tacos. And I'm talking tacos. They have a great selection to choose from on the menu and check out those prices. Can't beat that! We shared some chips and queso (which was yummalicious). They also have some complimentary salsas to try out. We liked the Dona, it had a kick to it though. I got the Happy Taco because the name was just too cute. It was shredded chicken with onions, cilantro, mushrooms and cheese. 1 Taco for $2.75 and I was full. Their daily specials sounded good too. I want to go back on a Thursday and try their Scallop tacos. FYI, they are only open 8-3 everyday. Fab Food at an excellent price, that's my kind of place!

If you try a new place out, let me know. Even if you aren't in the area. I would love to hear about it. Have fun finding some Fab Food!!!

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Melissa said...

Kim, Fab Food will be a great addition to your wonderful blog, and I can't wait to read about all of the new places you try. Tacodeli sounds really yummy.