Saturday, May 3, 2008


I was outside watering late yesterday evening and had to do a double take when I got to the herb/vegetable garden. See what I found!! Know why I'm so excited? For one, I love cucumbers, but more importantly it's our first ever cucumber. My nephew's school had a plant sale a couple weeks ago and everything was $1. Can't beat that. We got this cucumber plant there along with: sweet basil, 2 different types of tomatoes, 2 jalapeƱos, and 2 sweet onions. Oh and we just walked around back and the dewberry bush is covered in berries. WooHoo. Also our Pineapple Guava bush just bloomed for the first time too. I'll try to get pics of that later today. The blooms are gorgeous!!!


Anonymous said...

I so want to come est in your backyard! Will you be mt gardening consultant next year?! :)


Melissa said...

How CUTE!! After you leave Amanda's house, will you come to my house and give me pointers too? : )