Friday, February 15, 2008

Bogo Light & Tagged

Yes that is a picture of our new flashlight. My friend Edie shared this link with us a few weeks ago and after reading the website we had to order a BOGO light! It's a flashlight that is solar powered, how cool is that? The best thing is when you buy one, they donate one to someone in the world who needs light. This link will explain it better. Oh and did I mention that it comes in PINK too :) So just wanted to spread the word, check it out!!!! My friend Stacy tagged me today so thought I would play along while I'm here:

1. Stamping Style: Cute, Whimsical
2. Inspiration: I'm addicted to sketch challenges. Plus I get a ton of inspiration from blogs and SCS.
3. Color: I love any shade of blue and I'm really drawn to earth tones.
4. Work Space: I stamp in our office. I'm kinda weird, I pick up and put away as I stamp so it's fairly clean and organized.
5. Perfect day: Any day that the sun in shining and I'm happy hanging out with Ross, family or friends.
6. First Job: In high school, I worked at a daycare during the summers
7. Wildest dream: Ok don't laugh too hard. I watched E.T. at a young age and had nightmares from it. I had a reaccuring dream that E.T. was chasing me across the playground on a lawnmower and pointing that gnarly finger at me. I couldn't watch that movie again until I was in college and it still creeps me out when I hear his voice.
8. Ink: SU and Palette
9. Family: My hubby Ross and our dog Nala bean
10. Beverage: I love ice tea, lemonade or Coke
11. Biggest Challenge: Finishing projects that I begin.

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Sheryl Sagucio said...

Thanks for the tag Kim! It was fun.