Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Does anyone watch the T.V. show Friday Night Lights? If you do, then you will recognize the place that we ate at for lunch. We went to EZ's for the first time. It's located in Austin. Now take a close look at the front of the building. This is the diner they film at for the show. You can tell by the colored tiles. The food was good and Ross said that their Oreo milkshake was fantastic.
The high school they film at is less than 5 minutes from our house, we always passby it when we are on the tollroad. We just watched the first episode over the summer and got hooked on recognizing the local places they film at, then we got sucked into the storyline. We quickly caught up so we could start watching Season 2. It's just kinda neat seeing where they filmed a show!!


CraftyEngineer said...

I know that place! How cool is that?

Lynn said...

Hey Kim haven't seen the show but how cool is that you two should try and have a meal while there shooting and then you'll really have something to watch for on another episode. Sound like lots of fun.