Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Season Finales

It's that time of year, when all of our favorite shows are having their season finales. Thought I would get my thoughts out there so this post does contain spoilers! So far I have seen:

Desperate Housewives - WOW so didn't see that ending coming!! Do you think that Edie will come back as the narrator now?? I wonder how Carlos will react?? Sad that Gabi's new hubby married her for the votes. I'm surprised she didn't speak up and say something. It was nice to see Bree again. I forgot about the whole storyline with Danielle being pregnant since Marcia Cross has been off for a few episodes. I did love Suzanne and Mike getting married in the woods. That was sweet!!!

Heroes - This has been my favorite new show of 06/07. I LOVE all of the characters. I'm still shocked by the ending though. I wasn't expecting Nathan to do that. I hope that they both aren't off the show now!!! Maybe Peter survived since he has Claire's power. I was also shocked that Simone's father could see Peter. I so can't wait to see what Mrs. Petrelli's role is in all of this. She is creepy but I don't know if she should be trusted. You know we didn't trust Mr. Bennet for so long and he ended up being good. I hope that Matt is okay and makes it!! So who is this person going to be that Molly said is worse that Sylar?? How can you be worse than Sylar. He was like the all time best villan ever and had the creepy stares to match!! I love how it ended with him dissappearing into the drain cover!!!

I have 24 and Brothers & Sisters recorded on the DVR. Just gotta find time to watch them.

Oh Dancing with the Stars is off tonight. I am going for Apolo & Julianne!!!

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Rhonda Maynard said...

Hey Kim! It's amazing how many shows are ending now. I mostly watch reality shows and stuff. I did see DH!!! I was completely shocked at the end about Edie too. I'm so sad! It doesn't seem like the show could be the same without her, but her storyline was starting to go down hill a bit. Interesting how they've worked Bree being pregnant with Danielle's baby, clever! I agree, Mike and Susan's wedding was sweet, but the logical side of me kept thinkin, how did they possibly string up all those paper lantern lights in the woods and so quickly???

Anyway, can't wait for the LOST finale tomorrow night!!! I'll be sad it's done but I have to say, the show is getting really strange! And not that it hasn't been bizarre from the beginning, but I'm not sure I like how some of this is going.

Well, now that I'm writing a novel on your blog, I just thought I'd let you know that my hubby helped me subscribe to your blog, it wouldn't let me, using Safari as a web browser, so he switched it to Firefox so I could sign up. We finally got my Google account and password worked out too (technnical difficulties on my end, my brain!!!)

Have a fabulous day!

~Rhonda :D