Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We watched Eragon last night. Kinda moved a little too slow in parts for me. I'm also not a big Malkovich fan. I liked the baby dragon, it was cute. However the grown up dragon was a tad creepy. Ross said that is how they are suppose to look, but then I reminded him that Falcor (from The Neverending story) was cuter :) The guy who played Durza creeped me out!!! I did like the cinematography. I had to look it up and it was filmed in Hungary and Slovakia. Beautiful scenery!! From the way it ended, I'm pretty sure they will do a movie based on Eldest. I've been told that I need to read that book so I'm still looking forwared to doing that. Rating: 3/5

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Anonymous said...

I guess nobody has seen Eragon yet....seems hard to believe. I think the dragon looked great, but the wings has scaled feathers. Come on CGI people, how hard is it to buy an illustrated AD&D rulebook for reference.

Overall, not bad movie, just higher expectation from the audience after LOTR.