Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kiwi Crate - May 2014 Review

Have you heard about Kiwi Crate? It is a monthly subscription box full of hands on projects for kids 3-8 years old. Each box includes all of the materials to complete two or three very fun and creative crafts. We received our first Kiwi Crate in May. Charlotte always watches me open my favorite subscription boxes for myself (Happy Mommy Box and Goodebox), so she was super excited when I told her it was her very own box full of goodies. She couldn't wait to get home from the mailbox and open it up.

There are several different themes that go out each month and we received Rainforest. Everything was included to make two projects: my jumping frogs and my rainstick!

Charlotte chose to make the rainstick first. She has played with them at the toy store before so she was anxious to have one of her very own. The instructions are very easy to follow and include pictures so even young crafters can follow along. She spent a long time finding the perfect spot for each and every sticker! She also really loved attaching the pretty feathers. She has been running around the house for the past month shaking and showing her handmade rainstick to everyone!

Next up was the jumping frogs. This turned out to be a great lesson for Charlotte. She was very curious about each frog and learning more about them. We looked them up on Wiki, read a bit about each and studied their colors before coloring our own. Ross was very shocked when he came home that evening and found her talking about Rocket and Clown frogs. The end project was a huge hit. We had fun seeing which frog could jump the farthest.

Both projects were fun to work on and have been played with numerous times since we completed them!

Each box comes with a fun little mini magazine! This one was 18 pages long and full of wonderful ideas and activities. It included: a story, 2 drawing activities, a hidden picture, instructions for making a terrarium, info about the rainforest, instructions for completing a colorful carnations activity, a recipe for chocolate dipped bananas, instructions for making a venus flytrap and a hanging snake to cut out. We have slowly worked our way through the magazine this past month. It was a great place to find some inspiration for our daily activities and to extend the rainforest theme for a few more weeks. The box also came with a summer calender and a pair of kid friendly scissors. She really enjoyed practicing her cutting skills on the scraps of felt from the jumping frog project. I also love that every box has a fun scene printed on the inside. Charlotte has used it for pretend play for the past several weeks. I know her My Little Ponies have visited the park often!!

Needless to say, we both loved our very first Kiwi Crate. The projects were fun and the box was full of so many great activities that we have enjoyed completing. We now have something else to look forward to receiving in the mail each month.

Kiwi Crate is $19.95/month with free shipping. If you would like to try it out, here is a $10 off referral coupon:

We have already received our June Kiwi Crate last week. I will share it with you in another post later this week! Are you and your little crafters already signed up for Kiwi Crate? If so, we would love to hear about you favorite project that you have completed so far.

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