Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Felt Tea Bags

It has been awhile since I have shared any of my felt food creations on here. I still love making pieces for Charlotte to play with, especially for her play kitchen! Ross and I are huge tea drinkers. Iced or hot, we love it all and drink it often. I have been wanting to make some little felt tea bags for Charlotte for a long time and finally sat down and created a few this past week. 

I saw several different styles on Pinterest, but finally settled on this tutorial --- (here's my pin if you want to save it). I loved the shape and design. It just looked like a real teabag. Her directions were easy to follow too. Once I created the basic shape, I simply sewed on the "flavor" designs. Charlotte actually told me the ones she wanted. I filled each bag with tiny beads that I found in my crafting stash. This gave the bags a bit of weight to stand up on their own and made the bags look like they actually had something in them. I've seen several people use scraps of felt to achieve this look as well. I used a thick cord for durability and sewed a little decorative heart tag on the end to add to the cuteness factor.

Do you have a favorite tea flavor? This is Chai, Strawberry and Lemon.

I also made Hibiscus (my favorite cold brew tea), Orange and Mint.

See how they stand up by themselves and fold in like an actual tea bag! I love how they turned out!!! Charlotte couldn't wait to get her hands on them. She immediately grabbed her dishes and created a huge tea party for us. We spent a good portion of our morning trying new teas, discussing the aromas and taste, and giggling as we cheered to a fresh cup and enjoyed some tasty treats. It was pretend play at its finest!!!

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