Monday, January 20, 2014

Groundhog Day Books

Did you know that there are several Groundhog Day children's books out there? February 2 is right around the corner and I decided to check  out the following two books to help introduce Charlotte (age 3) to this fun tradition. I thought both books were great for a toddler. The stories were long, but told very well. She never once lost attention.

Go To Sleep, Groundhog! by Judy Cox

This is such a fun and entertaining book. It follows a Groundhog as he is getting ready to go into hibernation until February.  Problem is, he has trouble staying asleep for so many months. He ends up waking up in October, November and December. To help cure his insomnia, he goes for a walk hoping it will make him sleepy. He is quickly surprised and curious about all of the new things that he has never seen before. October brings scarecrows, jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treaters. November he admires how the leaves have changed colors and the growth of corn and pumpkins. In December, he spies twinkling lights, wreaths and hears sleigh bells. The fun thing is at the end of each walk a popular character for that month brings the groundhog back to his burrow, gives him a monthly treat and reads him a story to put him back to sleep. Charlotte loves pointing out each holiday and learning about months as well as talking about shadows and what happens on Groundhog Day. The illustrations are large and give your little listeners plenty to look at as you read this delightful story. We would definitely recommend this one!

Punxsutawney Phyllis by Susanna Leonard Hill

Meet Phyllis. A groundhog who is definitely unique and headstrong. She is unlike most groundhogs because she loves to be outdoors. She enjoys playing in the rain, walking in mud, wading in icy water and eating berries on warm days. She also has a big dream. She wants to grow up and one day be the next, famous Punxsutawney Phil. Her family gets a good laugh over this and keeps reminding her that Phil is a boy and has never been a girl. Her love for the outdoors comes in handy and Phyllis shocks everyone when she successfully predicts the early signs of Spring. She even predicts it better than her old Uncle Phil who quickly realizes that Phyllis would be the best replacement for him. At the end of the book, he announces that the rules are changing and his successor will go to the person best suited for the job - Punxsutawney Phyllis! I love this book and I love the gentle message that a girl can be and do anything that she has a passion and true talent for! This story is long, especially for a toddler, but the playful text and fun illustrations held Charlotte's attention until the very end.

Have you checked out or read any fun Groundhog Day themed books? We would love to hear about them. As always, you can check out all of our book reviews here. So what will it be this year? Will that groundhog see it's shadow or not?? I know that I'm ready for some warmer weather and colorful landscape! Happy reading.

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Tammi said...

They look like cute books! Hoping for an early Spring...tired of no sunshine! ~hugs