Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turkey Crafts

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I wanted to make sure we completed a few fun and easy turkey crafts. Any of these would be great to save for Thanksgiving day to keep the kiddos entertained while everyone cooked and visited. Last month we created Play-doh spiders for Halloween. They were a huge hit amongst the kids and adults. It was fun seeing everyone's creations. This month we decided to make Play-doh turkeys. They came out quite cute and comical. Here's what I came up with:

I picked up two containers of brown Play-doh at Wal-Mart. The pipe cleaners were left over from our spiders. I just cut up three orange pipe cleaners and rounded the edges so the wires wouldn't poke small hands. I saw this idea for painting pumpkin seeds so I wanted to include it. It was super easy to throw a few in a Ziplock bag, add some Crayola Washable Paint and squish them around the coat. We ended up using these for beaks, gobblers, and feathers. A few weeks ago we made these acorn gems to add to our Fairy garden. They came out quite cute and Charlotte loved making them so we ended up with a bunch. I took some of the leftovers and glued googly eyes inside of them. The feathers were just cute out of foam and glued to toothpicks.

Charlotte was eager to get started once she saw me setting everything out. I had fun watching how she used the different materials to make several turkeys. The eyes crack me up!

Last month we completed several Halloween footprint paintings and C absolutely loved doing them. She has been begging to do more so we decided to make a quick little turkey. Oh, how I love those little toes. The body and beak were cute out with cardstock. The gobble is her fingerprint. It made a cute addition to our Thanksgiving decor.

Last year I saw this adorable turkey hat all over Pinterest, but we never got around to making it. I made sure to get around to it this year. It's simply a paper plate that has been cut in half. I drew little lines around the edges since our plate didn't have any on it to begin with. I then just asked C to paint different colors within the lines. It was the first time I've ever asked her to do that so I wasn't sure how it would go. Surprisingly, she took this task very seriously and took her time being extra careful as she painted. The body and legs were cut out using cardstock.

Finger puppets are a big hit in our house. I made this tiny turkey last year and it has been played with all year round. Here is the tutorial.

One last idea. My mom and I created this uber cute turkey shirt for C last year. I did all of the applique and my mom sewed around the edges. I don't know what I love more. The silly face or the adorable feathers on the back! It was the perfect shirt for my little turkey to wear last Thanksgiving. I was so happy that she could still fit into it this year. She has been wearing it like crazy and immediately begs for it the moment it is clean. We have gotten a ton of compliments on it too. Here is the tutorial in case you are interested!

Hope this gives you some last minute activity ideas. If you make any Play-doh turkeys, please snap a photo and share them with us on Twitter or Instagram!! Gobble, Gobble.

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