Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Felt Treasure Map

Shiver me timbers, are you ready for International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Did you check out the post where we shared our favorite pirate books? We have been reading them nonstop lately. Charlotte was incredibly  excited when we stumbled upon a pirate hat and some foam eye patches at Target the other day. We found them both in the birthday party aisle. She wears them every time we read our pirate books and this past weekend even wore them to town. Yes, I took a pirate to Jimmy Johns, Lowe's and the grocery store. It's kind of funny to see everyone's reactions when they first notice what she's wearing and that she is a girl decked out in not only pirate accessories, but also a frilly dress. We got some horrified looks, but also a ton of laughs and even people who would play along and talk like a pirate as we passed by. I'm just surprised that she actually keeps the eye patch on for so long!!

One morning while we were lounging around and Charlotte was decked out in pajamas and her new pirate attire, she threw herself into my arms and announced she needed a treasure map. A treasure map, huh? Yes, mommy so I can shovel at the X and find the gold. She also told me she needed a parrot to put on her shoulder and a pirate ship. We talked about it for a bit and eventually got off subject, but I just couldn't get that treasure map out of my mind.

It's no secret that I love making felt items for C to play with. Her play kitchen is testament to that fact! My mom and I have made a ton of felt food and I've made a few things for our felt board. I googled felt treasure maps and immediately mentioned to Ross that I bet I could easily make one. We started shooting ideas around on what we would include and by the end of the night, I was cutting out images while Ross gave our little pirate a bath.

It was actually quite easy and quick to put together. I had a fun time creating each image and watching the map take shape. I pulled out my pile of scraps and cut each piece free hand. I then spent a few free moments here and there hand sewing everything down. Charlotte was ecstatic and loved checking to see if I had added anything new.

Some might think I'm nuts for letting my daughter run around town looking like a pirate and some might say that I'm filling her head with pointless stories. I'm just happy that I have an imaginative child that loves to read. I will always encourage that imagination and creativity. Always!!

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