Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bubble Art

How many of you have toddlers or preschoolers who love blowing and chasing bubbles? Now, how many of you have container after container of those bubbles all over your garage and porch?? Yep, I'm raising my hand too. It seems that every year when summer is coming to an end we start to notice that we have accumulated bubble containers in various sizes. We grab them when we see them on sale or grandparents bring them over as a fun surprise. I thought I would share a fun and super easy project to do with your kids that helps use up some of those bubbles and helps deplete your stockpile!

Being the Pinterest fanatic that I am, I have notice numerous versions of this project being pinned this summer. The two examples that I followed, were this one and this one.

Here's what you need to grab:
food coloring
bubbles with a wand
paper cups

I started by grabbing some of those tiny paper cups that people use in their bathrooms. They were the perfect size to use and gave us a chance to have several different colors. I poured the bubble solution into each cup, then chose food coloring to squirt in each cup as well. Just add a few drops and mix until you have the color you like. I used gel food coloring because it tends to be more vibrant. We had enough colors on hand to give us a variety, but it would have been fun to combine a few to make our own colors as well!

Next, we grabbed a box out of the garage (thanks Amazon) and placed it in the backyard. That way we didn't have to worry about making a mess or getting our splatters all over the place. I used this Watercolor Paper . I've had several people ask me about this type of paper. I first started using it years ago, when I was stamping and making cards. It's perfect for young kids because it soaks up all of that excessive paint or watercolors that they like to abundantly use! Plus, it is thicker so it won't warp or make their artwork bubble up once it is dry. We use it a lot these days.

All you do is dip the wand in your solution and blow the bubbles at the paper. It's truly that simple, but so mesmerizing and magical to do. Charlotte was amazed when the firsts bubble landed on the paper, popped and created this big colorful circle. We also noticed that we got tiny colorful splatters as she attempted to blow each bubble. I'm pretty sure she would like to be a professional bubble painter because she loved this project and kept asking for new paper once hers was completely covered. She also loved using a stick that she found in the grass to pop the bubbles that landed on the paper. After completing 2 bubble art paintings, I gave her a leftover soda jerk hat from her ice cream party. I told her we needed to make it an art hat and she was all over that idea! She quickly decorated it and if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that she has been wearing it constantly!

I also had a couple sheets left over from her  party that I had drawn cones on for the kids to use during their ice painting projects. I switched out her bubble wand for a brush and let her use the same mixture to paint the pictures.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun with this project and I would definitely recommend it. FYI: your little artist will probably look like this at the end of the project. No worries! It washed off by the end of the day and made for a super cute picture!!! I've heard that you can add a few drops of Dawn Dish Soap into the mixture to help it wash off of your skin easily, but we haven't tried that yet. What are you waiting for? Go grab some bubbles and impress everyone with some neat bubble art!

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Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

That first picture is the most beautiful picture I've seen of bubble art. I am so pinning and hopefully doing ASAP. I just need to go buy some of that amazing paper.