Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Did everyone have a nice Easter celebration? Charlotte woke us up at the crack of dawn. She had no clue that there were eggs hidden all over the house and a basket full of goodies waiting for her to discover. She was very surprised when she rounded the corner and saw everything. She immediately went straight to her basket and started pulling everything out. She loved the felt goodies that I made for her and was super excited to get some new crayons.

We then pointed out all of the eggs to her and showed her how to put them in her basket. That was all of the direction and prompting that she needed. We just saw a blur running through the house after that. She would gasp each time she spotted a new egg. We hid and re-hid eggs all day!

Holidays have always been special, but now they are fantastic with Charlotte in our lives. I love making them fun and exciting for her.


Shelly said...

Your post brings back precious memories of holidays when my daughter was that age. Everything is such a delight to them. I love seeing how you cherish Charlotte.

Anna said...

How darling is she? Love the peep and the grapes! Holiday's are a blast with kids, and looks like she had a wonderful time finding the eggs!