Monday, January 9, 2012

Cameron Zoo

Last Saturday, we took Charlotte to the Cameron Zoo in Waco. Ross and I have always loved visiting this zoo so we were super excited to experience it as a family of three now. We kept asking Charlotte if she wanted to go see the animals at the zoo and she kept responding by mooing like a cow ;) We went on a sunny, but cool day so all of the animals were out and VERY active. The first exhibit you see when you walk in, is the howler monkeys. Charlotte would have been perfectly content watching them all day. They were chasing each other, swinging on the ropes, climbing in the tree and just putting on a great show for all of the spectators.

We also spent a great deal of time watching the tigers. They have always been snoozing during our past visits, but were on the playful prowl this time. They paced back and forth the perimeter eyeing each other and the crowd. Several times, they stopped to tackle and growl at one another. That sound will make you freeze in your tracks!!! I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like to hear that sound in the wild.

Charlotte had fun exploring all of the special kid nooks throughout the zoo. She loved crawling in a little cave to view the alligators from underwater and swinging ropes in the monkey exhibit. However, we couldn't pry her away from the otters. They have a glass slide that goes right through the exhibit. While you slide through, you can see the otters swimming around you and even crawling all over the slide.

My favorite exhibit was the orangutans. I've never seen one up close and they were all out exploring their area and enjoying the nice weather. We watched one climb to the very top of the cage and fiddle with a big stick until it finally figured out how to pull it through the hole. Another walked right up to us and sat down to play with the grass. Their eyes are full of so much emotion and it's so funny watching them slowly walk as their shaggy hair draps around them. We stayed a little over two hours at the zoo and really had a wonderful afternoon together. We are thinking about visiting a different zoo next week so I'll take pictures if we do!! Enjoy your weekend.

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