Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sticker Magnets

I have finally started using some of the ideas I've found on Pinterest to make a few things for Charlotte. The first one is how to make your own sticker magnets. Click here for the link to the original idea. It's super easy. Just wait for your local craft store to put the stickers on sale and go stock up. I prefer to use the Doodlebug brand because their stickers are a tad thicker and several designs come on one sheet. You then place your stickers on magnetic sheets and simply cut them out. Be sure to leave a little edge around each piece to help protect the stickers. Charlotte loves playing with them. She currently places them on our dishwasher. It's cheap entertainment.

For now, I store each set in those little hinged tins with a clear top. I had a box full of them from my crafting days. I also bought a large metal box at Michael's that we can eventually tote around with us so she can play with them in the car. Would be perfect for a long trip. The next project I'm currently working on is A Box-0'-Princesses. Call me crazy, but I thought it was a cute idea. They've got a boy version too!!! It's going to take time to complete, but I'll share when it's finished!


debbies said...

I think it's such a cute idea Kim! Loved stickers when I was a kid.

Jennifer ♥ said...

I love this idea! I'm sure Preston would just eat them though so I'll have to wait until he's a little older and not so oral :) I've never been on Pinterest - I'll have to check it out.