Saturday, July 30, 2011

12 Month Update

Sorry for the delay posting this month's update. It has been a busy, hectic month. We got moved into our new house and then encountered a few hiccups. Couldn't get Internet/cable for 19 days, had a raccoon living above Charlotte's room - damaging our home for 2 weeks, irrigation lines were severed killing our new landscape and 2 days before we were to sign on off on our old house - the buyer's loan got rebuked and our home went back onto the market. Thats just to name a few challenges.Thankfully our old house is under contract again, but talk about stress!!! Dealing with all of that while trying to unpack has been draining. I'm so happy Charlotte was by my side, being a clown and making me laugh constantly. I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I have a one year old. Let me catch you up. At 12 months Charlotte .......

This is her reaction when you ask her how old she is!

- is still a great eater. She's usually the first to start and the last one to finish a meal. She still makes a "nomnomnom" noise while she eats. She's mainly on solid foods now. I've enjoyed feeding her what we eat. The new foods she tried out this month were: tomatoes, pinto beans, edamame, grapes, and cherries ( don't fret, she just gets the inside flesh on those last two). Her favs are beans, peas, smoked turkey, watermelon and meatloaf. I've nursed her exclusively these past 12 months, but will start weening her now. Can't believe I lasted that long!!!

- has become quite the little mimic. She repeats words, sounds and actions constantly. When asked, she knows how to blow and say shhhh with her finger on her nose. If you ask her if something is yuck, she'll mumble and stick her tongue out repeatedly. If something stinks, she'll wrinkle her nose and wave her hand in the air while sniffing. She can now tell you what a cow, dog, cat and monkey says. My fav is a dog. Instead of saying woof, woof, she pants!!!! Her newest words are baby and "wooooooow". It's said just like that too. She really exaggerates
when she says it.

- is still obsessed with pointing out body parts - especially belly buttons. She can now locate her: ears, eyes, nose, hair,teeth, belly button, feet and toes. My darling husband also taught her to locate her tongue. You ask her "taco tongue" and she sticks her tongue out before attempting to fold it together like a taco.

- continues to love reading. We read Little Blue Truck and Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You at least 8 times a day. Charlotte is constantly crawling in our laps and asking us to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider. She twists her little fingers together inches from your face until you begin singing.

- is still my social butterfly. She continues to wave to everyone we pass when we're out and about. I love seeing everyone's reactions when they notice her. I believe she brightens up a lot of people's days. She is also my little cuddle bug. She snuggled up next to you while reading, loves blowing and giving kisses and always passes out hugs - either to us or to her toys!

- has already mastered climbing the stairs. She gets excited when we open the gate and let her climb up to the play area. She often sticks her hand between the railing - waving and giggling as we head up. She is a great little pretender. She has a little tea set that she'll pour up and offer to you. I love watching her play.

- is obsessed with her Little Tikes Cozy Coupe!! We got her one for her birthday and she crawls in it begging to be pushed around the house a few times daily. I gotta admit, it's quite cute!

We celebrated Charlotte's first birthday last Sunday. We had a house full of family and friends. We enjoyed a fajita cookout and had fun watching the birthday girl. The theme was Look Whooo's Turning One. I think she needs to wear a tutu every day now. She looked so cute crawling around in it. I made her a huge cupcake carrot cake. She took a few nibbles, but mostly just had fun playing with the icing.

It has been a fantastic 12 months. I'm going to miss my tiny, little baby girl, but I'm so looking forward to watching her become an active toddler. She has truly brought so much joy to our lives. Thank you for all of your sweet comments this year and for following along with our updates.


Danni said...

So sorry about all the hiccups and stress with moving and such! HUGS!!

Charlotte is just such a doll! Happy to have you post so we can hear about her and you!!

Sometime email me your new address, pretty please!!


Tammi said...

Oh gosh, love all those pics, that second one, toooooo cute!! All adorable, love the updates! So cute when they first start talking and doing all the first things they do! This totally made me smile! My mom got Kimber some tutu onsies. :) TFS

Chelsea said...

Wow. Lots of issues! But your little girl is soooo cute! Happy birthday to her!

Shelly said...

Happy birthday Miss Charlotte!!!!

What a wonderful update and pictures. My favorite is where Charlotte is showing her one little finger. So sweet! Charlotte's hair has grown so much this past month. It's getting long!

I hope all of your troubles are behind you with your new and old homes. You sure had a rough start. I wish you many happy years in your new home.

Sharon said...

What a cutie pie! You have a gorgeous little girl! It's hard to believe that time passes by as quickly as it does, but you would worry if she didn't grow and change. Appreciate every moment - even the ones that are questionable! {Believe it or not, you'll miss those too!) My first born is now a senior in high school - I think somebody pushed the fast forward button by mistake!

debbies said...

I was thinking of you & Charlotte on her b'day because she shares it with my son. LOL
Love her owl outfit & I threw a Whoo's Having a 1st b'day for my great niece who was here in July. Funny that we picked the same theme. HUGS Kim she is so sweet & glad all the problems with moving are over!

Jennifer ♥ said...

Wow, you've had a lot of drama - no wonder you've been MIA!

Love hearing the update and seeing pictures. She's such a cutie pie!

Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte! :)

Anna said...

Adorable! And loved her tutu out fit! Great birthday theme as well! Happy birthday to the little one! And congrats on getting into the house..sorry about all the stress though!

Margaret said...

Kim, Charlotte is so adorable. I love seeing all the photos of her and can't believe that she's 1 yo already. Glad to hear that you have a new home and I hope all the problems have all been taken care of. I hope you have many happy memories in your new home.

manfred said...

Hallo Kim kannst du bitte das Bild von Charlotte neben dem Lila Stuhl mir per email schicken die Conny möchte es vergrößern, es ist sehr schön.