Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010

I'm baaaaccck - kinda :) Happy 2010 everyone! I hope that you enjoyed your holidays. We had a great time traveling and visiting with lots of family during Christmas. Ross worked from home all last week so I took it easy, curled up and did a lot of reading. It was fabulous. We did manage to stay awake and ring in the New Year together. Geez, those New Yorkers looked frozen! I don't have any new creations to share with you just quite yet. I'm anxious to get back into the swing of things - I haven't stamped in soooo long! I do however, have a couple recipes to pass your way. I think I have mentioned these here before, but they are definitely worth a repeat! I've been wanting Macaroni and Cheese lately, but good mac and cheese. Ross dug through my recipes and decided to make Aaron McCargo Jr.'s Whole Wheat Rotini Mac and Cheese the other day. It was divine :) The two cheeses blended together with the spinach and topped with the bread crumbs. YUM! I nibbled on it for a few days and enjoyed it each and every time! It was also pretty cold and rainy the other day so we decided to make Irish Chicken and Dumplings. This is the ultimate comfort food for a chilly day. It takes awhile to cook, but trust me it is so worth it. Plus it makes your house smell fabulous. The flavors combine perfectly! It's your typical chicken and dumplings, but added to it is potatoes, peas, onions, carrots and celery. It's very hearty and again you can enjoy it for a few days because it saves wonderfully. Try both recipes, I promise you won't be sorry and your family will love them! I'll be back soon with a card creation. My Copics and begging to be used :)


Danni said...

Happy New Year!! Good to *see* ya!

Tammi said...

Mmmm! YUMMY! I love chicken and dumplings, nice and hearty! Happy New Year, sounds like your off to a good start! Will be e-mailing you soon! :)