Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Autumn Splendor!

AutumnSplendor1-k17, originally uploaded by orosky17.

Open Scrapbook launched their new weekly challenges today. Every Tuesday a theme will be set and you have a few days to post your picture for the challenge. This week's theme is Autumn Splendor! They asked us to show what we love about Autumn. I wanted to use something a little different than pumpkins or falling leaves, so I put my thinking cap on and came up with this: I love flowers! I know - big secret, right? Every where we go, I can always find flowers to snap photos of. My photo library is full of various blooms. Autumn reminds me it's that time of year when the flowers begin to fade and die off for a few month. The day after Thanksgiving, we met my brother and his family at the Silo Christmas Tree Farm. It's a lovely little family operated farm nestled in the outskirts of Temple, Texas. As we were walking around the property, I started noticing that they had a bunch of cute little flower gardens. One area up by the bed and breakfast caught my attention. It was surrounded by these little pink daisies. They were starting to wilt and were surrounded by a bunch of dried up leaves, but they were still alive, still pink and still trying to survive. It was the perfect picture for me to submit for the Autumn Splendor challenge. It was tough trying to decide what photo to use. I played around with 2 others that I took that day. You can view them here if you like. I love them as well because of the vibrant pink blooms against the dry, dead flowers in the background. What are you waiting for, come join us on Open Scrapbook. We can't wait to see your photos!


My Two Seasons said...

Oh, they're so pretty! I love the fact that they're fading, but holding on to life! It is such a beautiful interpretation of Autumn Splendor!

Thanks for playing along Kim!!

Anna said...

Beautiful photo, Kim! Wonderful way to think out of the box too!

Danni said...

So beautiful!

Tammi said...

Gorgeous, love how vibrant the flowers are, the dried leaves really set them off!

Michelle said...

beautiful photo - I love flowers too!!