Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wheat Bread or Mac & Cheese

I have always loved making bread. I've made loaves such as Mint Nut Bread, Pumpkin Cornbread, Banana Pecan Honey Bread, Green Tomato Bread, and numerous others. Let's face the fact folks - we love bread!! It's okay - I'm not afraid to admit it. However, I have never ever made just plain ol' bread. Well that changed the other day. I finally tried this recipe for Homemade Wheat Bread. ( I used the original first recipe). Oh my WOW! I don't think we will ever buy store bought bread again! It was so incredibly easy. Yes, it took some time since you have to let the dough rise, but I just did other tasks while I waited. And it is definitely worth the wait. Oh and did I mention you get a fabulous arm workout from kneading the dough and your house smells fantastic. I'm pretty sure Ross just floated in the house once he opened the door and took his first whiff! We immediately tried a slice while it was still warm. YUM. It was perfect on the inside and had just a very slight crunch to the crust. I was very proud of myself :) Also, last night we tried this recipe for Whole-Wheat Rotini Mac & Cheese. We left out the sun-dried tomatoes, but it was really good. We loved the mixture of cheeses, the added spinach and the panko crumbs. It was definitely a grown up mac & cheese. Not too cheesy but very tasty. Remember don't hesitate to try something new out and if you find something good, come back here and share it with me!

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