Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last Light

Last Light (Restoration, Book 1) Last Light by Terri Blackstock

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
Book 1 in the Restoration series.

What would you do if all of a sudden the electricity went out? Probably not panic because we are use to it always coming back on, right. Well in this book it doesn't! The electricity is out, the water no longer works, all vehicles are stalled and this is happening across the nation. The book focuses on a main family, the Brannings, as well as the people who live in their neighborhood. It follows them as they reconnect with their faith and witness firsthand how quickly everyone's true character comes out in a crisis. They are surrounded by good samaritans who want to help one another out, but they are also dealing with greedy people who start looting and even murdering people to get what they want. It was a very interesting and thought provoking book to read. It definitely makes you think what would I do in a situation like this. We have become so comfortable with a convenient lifestyle and sometimes loose focus of how the simple everyday things are such a blessing to us. I'm really looking forward to starting the next book in the series!!

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Tammi said...

That sounds good Kim! I will put that on my list, and a series too, cool! Funny, our electricity went our for about an hour 2 times yesterday (after the power line went down that Scott went too) and thankfully I've kind of prepared for that eventuality if it's extended for any length of time. TFS