Friday, August 22, 2008

Love Takes Wing

Love Takes Wing (Love Comes Softly S.) Love Takes Wing by Janette Oke

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
Book 7 in the Love Comes Softly series.

Dr. Luke has trained his young sister Belinda very well and she is now his full time nurse. She is very serious about her career, but soon realizes the sacrifices she has made to follow her dream. She can't help but feel a little jealous as her family and friends move on, get married and start their own families. Her normal routine gets the awakening it needs when an elderly woman is suddenly in need of constant medical care. Belinda becomes her personal nurse and finds herself moving to Boston and being introduced to a totally different lifestyle than she was accustomed to on the prairie. It is a thrilling and invigorating experience at first, but she still feels like her life is missing something.

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Tammi said...

I'm trying to recall if I've ever read any books by this author, I know mom has.

Kim I was reading a book yesterday and there was a Dr. Culden in it, OMGosh at first I thought it said Dr. Cullen!! I did a double take, lol!