Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn (Twilight Series, Book 4) Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

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Book 4 in the Twilight series.

WHOA! Stephenie really outdid herself on this one. The book is broken up into 3 books/parts. I loved that book one was so light, playful, romantic and cheerful. At least until right at the end, where it sucks you in with a major discovery! Most authors wait to have those happy parts towards the ends of their books instead of starting out right away with it, so that was a nice change. Book two was a total roller coaster ride full of emotions. You are not sure what to expect and you are so intrigued by the changes and mystery taking place. It was also darker and more thrilling than any other piece of the storyline so far. I loved that this part was from Jacob's point of view. I learned more about his personality and I still love his sarcastic thoughts. I giggled at all of the chapter names. This book almost gave me a heart attack towards the end though. That was the biggest story climax I have ever read. My mind was going wild after that. Book 3 kept that energy and curiosity going from start to finish. It was the first time that I finally relaxed and liked Jacob and didn't worry about his relationship with Bella. There was sooooo much information in each chapter, yet it wasn't overwhelming. Everything started to make sense and it still kept you on the edge of your seat wondering how it was going to all wrap up. I was intrigued with the introduction of several new characters too and thankful for the chart at the back of the book that organized them all. I LOVED this book. I could picture everything so clearly. I couldn't put it down!!!! Overall, I'm so happy with Bella and Edward's story. I hope that Stephenie keeps the story going through the focus of other characters now. I definitely know that I will be re-reading these books for years to come!

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