Friday, July 25, 2008

New Moon

New Moon (Twilight Series, Book 2) New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

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rating: 5 of 5 stars
Book 2 in the Twilight series.

This book wasn't as good as Twilight, but I still loved it if that's possible. This book focuses more on Bella and her relationship with Jacob. Of course Jacob ends up having a major secret of his own. I was sad that Edward was not in the majority of the book because I'm so entranced with him and the entire Cullen's family. I was also a bit annoyed that Bella couldn't figure out Jacob's secret sooner - it was obvious! However, the story was still great and very intriguing. I did finish it in 2.5 days. I found myself holding my breath, reminding myself to blink and even released a few giddy giggles as I finished the last few chapters. I'm so excited to see what happens next and I'm definitely on Team Edward!!!!

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Jessica said...

That is too funny about Bella, because I was thinking the same thing! I figured out Jacob's secret sooooo long before she did and was getting impatient with her, LOL!

We're totally on the same wavelength with this one - I loved it too, but not nearly as much as Twilight because over 300 pages without Edward is not ok!!

Danni said...

I have something for you on my blog!

Melissa said...

I was surprised that Bella didn't it out sooner too!