Thursday, July 31, 2008


Eclipse (Twilight Series, Book 3) Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

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Book 3 in the Twilight Series.

Another fantastic edition to this very intriguing story. It contained all the perfect elements too: suspense, romance, humor, and plenty of action. I really loved this one because you truly know all of the main characters by now so the author was able to focus more on dialog. I enjoyed learning about the back story of some of the Cullens. Those parts really made me understand their characters more. I also enjoyed the sarcastic remarks between Edward and Jacob. The intensity leading up to and during the battle made you feel like you were right on the edge of the forest watching it yourself. And the romance factor, HELLO! I sighed many, many times. Go Team Edward! I was only disturbed by the parts where Jacob was pushy and manipulative, but then again Bella can be the same way so she almost deserved it - Don't tell Edward I said that :) I also think that everyone needs an Alice in their life. She is so fun and adorable, yet feisty and can definitely hold her own. I'm so excited for the story to continue and I finished just in time for the new book to come out on Saturday!

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