Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pasta Primavera

This recipe definitely gets a Oh My Yum award. I found it on The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog. This is the second recipe I've tried of Ree's and it's a keeper. I LOVE all the fresh veggies in it and the sauce .... there are no words for sauce that good. The chopped basil really gives it a great taste. Now unlike Marlboro Man, Ross did love it!! It made a huge portion so we have been enjoying it for a few days now. Save it and try it out, you won't be sorry!!!

This week I've also gotten hooked on Rachel Ray's website. Have y'all seen it? She has a TON of recipes on there and I've saved quite a few. Just click on Recipe Search and have the printer ready! Can't wait to start trying them out. Just thought I'd share and make y'all extremely hungry :)


Lisa & Penny said...

Just wanted to say that after seeing that you made this pasta, I made some for myself and it was absolutely delish! Love that Pioneer Woman! Thanks for sharing her has become a favorite...she doesn't cook low fat though, huh? Have a great day! Lisa K

gthandy said...

I have tried this and it was YUMMY! I even added chicken!
Great blog you have here Kim! Big wavin' hi from Glens!