Thursday, January 31, 2008

January '08 Booklist

Hello bookworms. Did you read anything good this month? Here's my list:

1. J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows: I read this with Ross. It was my second time and his first. Favorite quote: "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" - Dumbledore

2. Debbie Macomber - Back on Blossom Street: Book 3 in the Blossom Street series. Lydia's new class is knitting prayers shawls. We get to catch up with Alix, who is a character from previous books. She is trying to plan her wedding with Jordan only to be over ruled by her MIL to be and Jacqueline. Then we are introduced to Susannah, who runs the flower shop next door to A Good Yarn. The third person in the class is Colette, who fled her high paying job and boss to work in Susannah's flower shop. Lydia's sister Margaret is also dealing with her daughter Julia, who was the victim of a car jacking. I loved each and every story. (fiction)

3. Kate Collins - Act of Violets: Book 5 in the flower shop mysteries. I love this series. The character are fun and I always enjoy the stories. Abby, who is the local florist, has the fun task of hiding her mom's hideous feather creations in her shop and trying to solve a murder that her boyfriend Marco is accused of! Along the way you meet some interesting characters and laugh with her usual sidekicks. (fun/light mystery)

4. Laura Childs - Dragonwell Dead: Book 8 in the Tea Shop Mysteries. Theodosia is a successful entrepreneur who runs a tea shop in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. The theme for this book is orchids. The Indigo Tea Shop is catering a Spring event where society members are showing off and auctioning on prized orchids. Things are going smoothly until Theo's friend, Mark Congdon, suffers what appears to be a heart attack. Mark's widow, Angie, suspects her husband was poisioned, so Theo and the gang set out to unravel the mystery. I was definitely surprised by the ending!! (fun/light mystery)

5. James Patterson - 4th of July: Book 4 in the Women's Murder Club. I think this might be my favorite one of out the series so far! This was a little different from the other books. Lindsay is on trial and trying to prove that she fired her weapon in self defense. She leaves town and goes to stay at her sister's house so she can relax, heal and collect her thoughts. Of course, while she is in town, she gets involved in a case where the murders remind her of an unsolved murder that she had years ago. (mystery/thriller)

6. Jimmie Ruth Evans - Flamingo Fatale: Book 1 in the Trailer Park Mystery. This is the definition of a fun, light mystery. It's a book full of GREAT characters and a very entertaining story. Wanda Nell is a single mom working two jobs to try and support her kids and grandson. Trouble shows up at her trailer house one night in the form of her ex husband Bobby Ray. He is flashing a lot of questionable money and is found dead the next morning. Things only get worse when she is accused of the murder and people start showing up looking for the lost money. (fun/light mystery)

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