Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas Bean

I'm about to start baking cookies, but I just wanted to share a cute pic of our dog. We went ahead and gave Nala "bean" her Christmas present. Yep we love our dog and we buy her a new toy every year. It was time!! Last year we bought her a little octopus that she LOVED. It was tiny and she could throw it all over the house, but let me tell you that poor thing took a beating. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it. She had ripped out the eyes so Ross sewed some X's over them, then a few of the legs had been reattached. It was just a pitiful looking toy. Then last week she busted it open and there were tiny plastic beads all over the house, yep so long Mr. Octopus! We found this little opossum at Old Navy and snatched it up. It's the perfect size for a 4 lb. dog and it doesn't squeak because the squeaking toys freak her out, LOL. She started playing with it immedietly. Don't you just love her little tush up in the air? For those of you who don't know, she is a chihuahua toy terrier mix and has a ton of personality!


Melissa said...

Nala looks so cute playing with her new toy.

Rhonda said...

SHE's sooo cute!! What a sweet mommy you are!! Nala's not spoiled, just well loved and taken good care of!! :D

Cindy Karasz said...

OMGoodness how cute! I wish I had a dog like Nala, she is adorable. That toy is too cute!